High quality, 100% consistent, Machine Erectable Boxes suitable for High Speed Packing Lines.


BEYOU Product Boxes

Suitable for high speed packing lines, high quality, 100% consistent.

Metallised Board

Double Drip boxes made from Metallised Boards

Boxes made from metallised boards. These boxes have a holographic rainbow effect. To view the full case study, click here.

Coffee House

The Coffee House Boxes

Gloss laminated boxes suitable for high speed packing lines. Each box is embossed with a tactile warning triangle.

Baked Ohm

OHM Baked E-Liquid Boxes

Matt laminated boxes made from a 470mic box board, suitable for holding a bottle containing 50ml of liquid.


Sleeves to wrap around anything – cardboard boxes, plastic containers, books or magazines.

Garlic Dip Sleeves
Stag Personalised Sleeves
Surrey Spice Sleeves
Humza Sleeves

Pillow Boxes

Ideal for gifts handed out at a corporate events or for cosmetic products.

Pillow Box
Pillow Box


The possibilities with packaging are endless. Below are just some examples of what we can produce.

Congratulations Box
Candy Box
Congratulations Box
Congratulations Box