Recycled posters for Tillingbourne.Earth

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Concerns around climate change continue to grow apace; and rightly so. There are many global initiatives backed by high profile personalities receiving media coverage and support, but we shouldn’t forget the smaller local organisations who are also making an impact. Tillingbourne.Earth is one of them. Based in Surrey and connected by the Tillingbourne River which

Case study: Bare Bar soaps

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We were delighted to recently welcome another new member to the Stag Print customer family. Up-and-coming small business, Bare Bar, produces 100% natural handmade soaps for men. Founded by Christian Winstanley, who was tired of using modern shower products filled with chemicals, Bare Bar is driven by a passion for natural products and the great

Running for Oakleaf – The Twilight Runway Challenge

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left to right: Kush, Pankaj, Sushil We did it!!! As proud supporters of the mental health charity Oakleaf, our managing director Sushil Patel agreed to take part in the Twilight Runway Challenge. The fundraising event was on Saturday 11 September with participants running or cycling 3K, 5K or 10K around the Blackbushe Airport airstrip near

Stag Print summer e-newsletter

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Welcome to the Stag Print summer e-newsletter. It’s been a busy few months for us and our customers. Read about a longstanding food business with an interesting tale to tell, why our MD is dusting off his running shoes, the top trends in sustainable packaging, and our ever-popular print fulfilment service. If you have any

Food packaging: no more soggy bottoms!

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Food packaging: no more soggy bottoms! Here at Stag Print, we work with businesses of all shapes and sizes and none are more diverse than those in the food industry. From dried salad crisps in a can to irresistible sweet treats in cute candy boxes – we’ve done it all! But one longstanding foodie customer

Beyond print: fulfilment

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As printers, we do so much more than just print! Which is why our one-stop shop print fulfilment service is so popular with our customers. They give us the brief and we manage the entire process. From printing, assembling, packaging, storing and shipping. From training binders to shelf-ready packaged products. Here’s how it works. Case

Employee empowerment in the pandemic

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As we approach the first anniversary of the first lockdown in England, it seems timely to reflect on what we have learnt as a business through the pandemic. Alongside overcoming the most obvious hurdles – from establishing a Covid-secure working environment to understanding and managing the government support schemes – more subtle lessons learned also

What a year!

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As we say goodbye (and good riddance) to 2020, we continue to make changes at Stag Print to help protect the planet. Despite the technology enabled world we now live in, paper and print marketing still holds its own. Something tangible you can refer back to is popular, and for many, preferred. Which is why

Why sustainable packaging is a no-brainer

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Packaging is not just a pretty face. It has many other important roles to play too. From protecting the goods within, to providing a surface on which to print essential legally required information about them. And in particular, for the food and pharmaceutical sectors. So if packaging is a must-have, ensuring it is environmentally-friendly should

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