Printed calendars may seem like a blast from the past, but they’re actually a phenomenal advertising tool, especially now that fewer companies are sending them out.

They get handed out once a year, but hang around for a whole year. And they’re a great reminder to everyone that sees them your business is there to help. Can you think of a better way to share your brand over a 12 month period?

There are three main type of calendars and here are a few things to consider:

1.Table-top: These are free-standing calendars with one page for each month. The back of each page either has a logo, or the previous month’s calendar. They are small, but they have a huge advantage as they often sit on a key decision maker’s desk. Shutterstock examples here.

2.Wall-hung: These are wire-bound at the top with a loop so that they can be hung on a hook. They often have one page for each month with a large picture at the top, and the calendar below. The main advantages are they’re often in a place that the whole office can see, and you can showcase different pictures each month. Shutterstock examples here.

3.Year-planner: These are large posters with the entire year on display – they’re normally A3 or A2 size. They are one of the handiest tools in an office because everyone can see the plan for the year ahead… and when the all-important bank holidays are! They are also the least expensive of the three options, and from a marketing perspective, the biggest in size. Shutterstock examples here.

Christmas is the ideal time to hand out calendars for the new year, so make sure you order yours soon! Drop us an email today to find out more.