Food packaging: no more soggy bottoms!

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Food packaging: no more soggy bottoms! Here at Stag Print, we work with businesses of all shapes and sizes and none are more diverse than those in the food industry. From dried salad crisps in a can to irresistible sweet treats in cute candy boxes – we’ve done it all! But one longstanding foodie customer

What a year!

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As we say goodbye (and good riddance) to 2020, we continue to make changes at Stag Print to help protect the planet. Despite the technology enabled world we now live in, paper and print marketing still holds its own. Something tangible you can refer back to is popular, and for many, preferred. Which is why

Some things are environmentally better in plastics

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Experts have criticised Morrisons’ decision to switch from plastic to paper bags for fruit and vegetables, branding it a retrograde step for efforts to tackle climate change. The Environment Agency found that paper carrier bags, across their lifecycle of production, use and disposal, had a greater global-warming impact than plastic ones. The agency’s study

McDonald’s to switch plastic straws to paper

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Next year McDonald’s in the UK will be switching from plastic straws to paper. They currently get through around 1.8m straws per day. This is a great example of the movement away from single-use plastics to alternatives that are easier to recycle. An additional bonus for the UK manufacturing sector too as the paper

EU to ban single use plastics

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Sir David Attenborough’s TV series Blue Planet certainly increased awareness of the dire state of our oceans. And with estimated 80-85% of all litter in the oceans being plastic, and nearly half of that made up of throw-away single-use items such as plastic straws it is no wonder that the EU and the UK

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