We were delighted to recently welcome another new member to the Stag Print customer family.

Up-and-coming small business, Bare Bar, produces 100% natural handmade soaps for men.

Founded by Christian Winstanley, who was tired of using modern shower products filled with chemicals, Bare Bar is driven by a passion for natural products and the great outdoors. Each bar of soap is handcrafted in England in small batches using natural fragrances and ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, oats, coffee, and essential oils. Best sellers include fresh cut pine, citrus burst smoothie, and roasted coffee bean.

They also take a firm stance on zero plastic sustainable packaging and therein lies the rub…

Once the soaps are good to go, they are packaged in small paper boxes using Kraft paperboard. A very simple but effective material with a short process journey from tree to board to printers like us. Companies looking to complement their natural sustainable product with natural sustainable packaging are drawn by the brown appearance and uncoated, unbleached, lightweight material which is extremely strong and durable.

It’s also very useful for those seeking low-allergen packaging as it doesn’t contain surprising ingredients such as egg white which many white boards have. Nor does it contain other food-related materials such as those derived from milk, wheat, peanuts, shellfish, gluten, rubber, or latex.

Unfortunately, due to its popularity and the current paper shortage in the UK, the whole country appeared to have run out of Kraft paperboard: except us. We had enough in stock to meet Bare Bar’s requirements and most importantly were able to turn it around quickly. This was imperative as the November Black Friday sales day was fast-approaching and Bare Bar had substantial online sales orders to fulfil.

It was a whirlwind job delivered in the space of a week – phew! But great to help a customer in need with a fabulous product that has a promising future. Oh, and I’m a particular fan of the citrus burst soap bar myself. 😊

Christian, founder of Bare Bar, added:

“We were absolutely desperate to find a reliable UK printer as we had been let down by our previous supplier. Stag Print managing director Sushil Patel dealt with me directly, listened to our predicament, and acted with great efficiency and accuracy to go above and beyond ensuring we had packaging arriving before Black Friday. Sushil and his team well and truly saved the day with a miraculous turnaround.”