So, you’ve taken the plunge and set up your own business. Go for it!

The website is working, the desk has been delivered, and your products are in production. But what about the packaging?

It’s not just a case of popping it in a box. Packaging your product well can mean the difference between success and failure. Yes, it has to protect, but it also has to standout and sell. Think iconic brands such as Chanel and Coca-Cola, and modern names like Apple and Nike which use just a single clean powerful image; no words needed.

Here are our top five things to consider on your packaging journey.

  1. Purpose – the first step is to figure out what you need to make your packaging fit for purpose. What do you need it for? Liquid, solid, food, electronics, frozen, ambient? All of these will need specific materials to house their specific contents.
  2. Style and design – your packaging is your brand. It’s the first thing your customers will see and can set the tone on how they will perceive your product. The design, shape and material of the packaging must be well thought through.
  3. Sustainability – this is important for the planet and your pocket. Your packaging has to be durable but it also needs to disappear without long-term effects. Customers care about reusing and recycling so you should too.
  4. Compliance – is your market regulated? For example, there are strict guidelines around food, healthcare and tobacco related packaging. Ensure you are aware of them and adhere accordingly.
  5. Cost – clearly your choice has to be cost-effective, but be careful not to fall at this last hurdle as cheap can turn out to be dear. Take advice and get the balance right.