Investing in your business is a given to keep pace with the latest technology and offer the best services you can to your customers.

Which is why we recently purchased three new machines that are already paying dividends.

Digital printing press

After extensive research, we went for a Konica Minolta digital printing press which is twice as fast as our previous machine.

That in itself is a huge bonus as we can dramatically increase the speed of the turnaround time we offer our customers. For example, 1,000 copies of a 24-page A5 booklet now only takes us three hours to print instead of nearly a whole day before. When time is money, that matters!

But there are many other pluses too:

  • Inline colour and position monitoring leading to an amazing quality of print which also makes it ideal for short run marketing prints (up to 2,000 copies) and short run packaging (from 100 to 10,000 units depending on size).
  • The ability to print from variable data meaning we can personalise packaging.
  • We can also run personalised mailers such as election leaflets of up to 100,000 units.
  • The ability to handle long sheets with high accuracy of position which is excellent for packaging when making bigger box sizes.

Digital booklet maker

Demand from our customers for short run digitally printed booklets has significantly increased over the past year. To complement this, we purchased a KAS640 digital booklet maker that really does come with all the bells and whistles!

  • Produces 1,000 books an hour.
  • Including unusual size options such as A6 landscape up to A4 landscape. Both of these opposite extreme sizes are quite hard to produce – everything in the middle is relatively easy – and very few machines can achieve either let alone both.
  • With a fantastic square backing facility where the machine has an option to square-off the spine and saddle stitch it instead of glue it. This gives a much more professional look, all-important durability, and also enables the booklet to lay flat. Customers have been calling for this and now we can deliver.

Folding machine

We also took the opportunity to replace our previous folding machine with a newer more capable model. It can fold 5,000 leaflets per hour from A4 to A5 or A4 to DL, and fold A3 down to A4 and make A4 six-page brochures.

So if 2020 is your year for investment then go for it. We have and it really was sound advice we thought we’d share.